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Paris: Petit Trianon


The Petit Trianon was basically an escape resort from the Versailles. Nevermind the fact that it was still on the grounds of Versailles, it was far enough to make my feet scream after five days of non-stop walking. The furniture and textiles were as decorative as the ones in the château, but overall the rooms in the Petit Trianon felt very plain compared to the rooms of Versailles; notably because of the lack of decor on the ceilings. It was almost as if they needed an escape from all the gold and grand paintings. The interior of the Petit Trianon reflected this need for a quiet open space with its white ceilings.











One unique thing about the Petit Trianon was the sneak peek into the kitchen. Often times we don’t hear too much about the people who are serving the royals, so it was interesting to have the sort of “behind the scenes” experience. I do wonder if the meals served at the Petit Trianon were smaller in compared to the Versailles. There kitchen space wasn’t particularly large, and there were a limited number of stove tops.


Unfortunately for me, the Queen’s Hamlet had been closed off during my visit as I loved the scenes from Marie Antoinette (2006) that took place there. I suppose I was lucky that at least the Petit Trianon was open to see, but it was still a little disappointing. I opted to take the mini train back to the entrance and was glad for the opportunity to rest my feet, but it was a very bumpy ride due to the cobblestone roads.

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