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Gift Idea for Travelers: First Aid Kit


Birds of a feather flock together and the same goes for travelers! If you’re have friends who enjoy traveling, putting together a first aid kit could make for a cute yet practical gift. This makes an especially good gift for expats or visiting travelers who aren’t looking to increase their load, or for those traveling to a non-English-speaking country. I found this cute tin case at the Kyobo bookstore in Seoul, but equally any small container will do. The letterpress card has the British postbox I am obsessed with, and was printed by Archivist Press.


Once you’ve decided on a case for the first aid kit, you can comb through your local pharmacy to find travel-sized first aid items to add to your kit. I would start with the basics and add an antibiotic ointment and some band aids. Paper tape is great for those who will be doing a lot of walking as they can prevent blisters. I taped my feet daily during my 2 week trip in Europe last year and didn’t get a single blister! I also added a compass attached to a clip as a “stocking stuffer” if you will. Google Maps app may be the bomb, but on a dead phone battery a physical map will be your saving grace. Therefore, a compass is a natural complement for the map they will undoubtedly be carrying.

When it comes to actual medication such as pain killers and digestive aids, it might be better to let your friend pack their own medication. The only reason I have packed actual medication in this particular gift is because my Canadian friend does not speak Korean and cannot read the label. Also, pills come individually sealed in Korea and I have only included over the counter digestion aids recommended by the pharmacist. You could alternatively add a checklist for first aid essentials so they can further customize their kit before they leave. What do you always pack in your first aid kit?

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