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Seattle: Ballard Locks


Do you ever reminisce about places you have lived in the past? Today I am missing Seattle, the place I lived for seven years. For about 6 months I lived in a quiet neighborhood called Ballard. Across the street from my apartment there was a place called Hiram M. Chittenden Locks, more commonly known as the Ballard Locks.


The Ballard Locks connect the Puget Sound and Salmon Bay which leads to Lake Union and Lake Washington. While Seattle might be known for it’s rain and gloomy weather, it is also a beautiful place to live. The lakes are so beautiful and when the skies are clear you can see Mount Rainier in the distance. If you’re planning to travel to Seattle, the best thing you could do is spend a day at a park next to Lake Washington or take a day trip to Mount Rainier. Of all the things I miss about Seattle, I miss Lake Washington and Mount Rainier the most.



There weren’t any fish going up the fish ladder while I was there, but it looked like it’d be interesting to see in the late Summer. In any case, it was a nice place to go for a walk on a nice sunny day! I’m glad I have photos to remember it by. I think it’s easy not to take photos of things in everyday life because it may seem mundane. It’s not until you move far away that you wish you had taken a photo to remember things by. I encourage you to take photos of the small, seemingly insignificant parts of life around you! What places do you miss from your past?

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