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Kip wins a contest!

Dakota held a giveaway in his cozy den and Kip was one of the winners!   The prize was the cutest little lamb named Tupper.

Tupper is a Kong Cozie.  He is not a chew toy but he is a cuddle buddy!

Kip was so excited to see Tupper arrive.  He gave Tupper a tour of all the best spots to be in our little apartment.

Thank you Dakota !

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  • Congratulations on the prize Kip! You are a very good terrier with your toys. My terriers wouldn’t be so careful.

    Stopping by from the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop!

    • Kim

      Thank you dawn!

      Mom had to tell me that Tupper was a friend and not prey :O

      Tupper’s tail is so tempting though!


  • Kip,

    You lucky dog!

    I entered that contest too! They were ALL so cute, I could hardly pick the cutest one!

    Looks like you absolutely adore your new lil friend Tupper:)

    • Kim

      Hi Scrappy!

      It was the first time I won a giveaway:)
      The other cozies were cute too but I had my heart set on Tupper!

      Wishing you luck on your next giveaway,

  • Congrats Kip!! That toy looks fun!

    yuki and rocket

    • Kim

      Hi Yuki n Rocket!

      Don’t tell mommy but I pounced on Tupper today
      and almost killed his squeaker!


  • Oh Dog! Congratulations on winning that sweet prize!

    • Kim

      Thanks Rumpy D,

      This was the first time Kip won a giveaway
      so we were pretty excited:)

      Thanks for dropping by!

      kim and kip