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I thought Dogs were early risers?

I grew up watching kid/family movies and more often than not there was a dog that woke up the owner.  So naturally I had the impression that dogs wake up early and wake their owner up for the morning news and coffee. Well, I was wrong. Kip doesn’t wake up early in the morning. In fact, even when I wake him up, he doesn’t budge and goes back to sleep. If I try to wake him up again he doesn’t even bother opening his eyes. Little spoiled brat.

Is my dog just the exception?


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  • Sometimes TOto sleeps till 11am or 12pm+ with me! I didn’t even realise my husband is off to work, hahaha ~ TOto’s last potty are usually like after 12MN so he can sleep in till late if not he will wake up 7-8am and starts whining at us. And sometimes he will just wake me up to scratch him in the morning 7or8ish, and after I am waken by him then scratched him, he goes back to sleep!

    TOto is very PAMPERED!!

    • Kim

      Awww:P I guess it’s a good think Kip doesn’t wake me up early to take care of his itches!

  • my two love to sleep in, unless they either have to go to the bathroom or one of us gets up. but, even after they’ve gotten up in the morning, they will fall asleep on the couch. i think most dogs sleep more than they are awake, at least in my case.

    • Kim

      It’s hard to imagine that Yuki and Rocket spend more time sleeping than awake! They look so mischievious and full of energy in your photos:P