11 In Dog

Goodbye 2011

Kim and Kip’s 2011


Adopted Kip.

Got him neutered.

Watched him grow.

Played with flour.

Explored the world.

Good-bye 2011.

We had fun:)

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  • What a big year! Kip really is gorgeous.

    All the best for the next 12 months.


    • Kim

      Thank you:)
      Hope you have a wonderful new year full of fun and joy!

  • Happy New Year! I hope 2012 is even better! Kip is adorable!

    • Kim

      Hello Bassetmomma,
      Thanks for dropping by!
      Have a wonderful Happy New Year:)

  • Happy New Year you guys!!!! woo woo woo!

    • Kim

      Awooo! Happy New Year Rumpy:)

      • especially Kip… what a lucky dog! Ask him if he’d like to be my blog guest sometime.

        • Kim

          Oh sure! How does that work?

  • Aw, Kip is adorable! Happy New Year!

    • Kim

      Thanks for dropping by!
      Happy New Year!

  • Looks like you’ve had a wonderful year! Here’s to a happy New one!