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Paw Print Forever


Every Wednesday, Kip goes to a doggy daycare to socialize and blow off that explosive amount of puppy energy.  I can tell he really looks forward to this because of two things.

1. He willingly jumps in the car.  Prior to going to daycare, Kip braced himself low to the ground whenever I took him remotely near my car.

2. He eagerly waits for the gate to open once we are inside the daycare. If you’ve ever been inside a dog daycare, you’ll recognize that distinct smell. Kip knows and loves it.  He know’s he’s in for a day of fun instead of dieing of boredom at home.


This week when I was picking Kip up after work, Terri from Wag the Dog Daycare had a gift for “Kip’s Family!” This delightful Christmas card had holiday wishes from the Wag staff.  Even though Kip only shows up once a week all the staff members know him by name.  I’m really bad at remembering names, so I felt bad when I realized I knew the staff members by face, but not by name.



The card wasn’t the only thing in store for me:



I almost screamed in delight when I opened the cover to reveal Kip’s paw print.  I had assumed it was a picture of Kip when I had seen something attached on the back.  It reminded me of my own baby hand prints and foot prints that my mom keeps safely tucked away.  I hadn’t thought of making one for Kip so I was delighted when I received this print that I could keep forever.



They also included a cd with pictures of Kip while he was at the daycare!



Thanks Wag staff for making sure Kip has a great time while he’s at daycare!


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