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London: Westminster at Night




Ah dreamy night! They say London has one of the best nightscapes in the world and it’s not hard to see why! There were a few parts that were missing lights or under construction, but nevertheless it was quite breathtaking in person!



Big Ben comes alive at night in such a vivid color and the London Eye was just on the other side of the bridge in a glowing blue. Both of these iconic structures were beautiful at night.


From Westminster I took the tube back to the hotel. This shot came out slightly blurry as I wasn’t using a tripod but I was happy to capture the underground logo lit up in the dark.



This was one of the newer trains that I saw in the tube. The train compartments were a lot more spacious than the older ones. The words on the ground in front of the doorway reads ‘Mind the Gap’ and it was also repeated on speakers. I don’t remember what they had for the subway in New York but it certainly wasn’t as memorable! I felt pretty safe riding the tube late at night. I could say the same for the Seoul metro but definitely not for New York, Paris, or Rome. Which city metro systems have you tried? What other nightscapes would you recommend for my bucket list?

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