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Tired Little Dog

Little Kip has had a long day. It was his second day of class so his mammy decided to drain a little of his excessive energy before taking him to school.  So Kip tagged along as his mammy picked up a bag of kibble at one pet store and picked out a treat for training at a different pet store. Kip cried through the entire car ride, I am not sure what to do about this quite yet.  He was happy to get attention from the store owner and wagged his stubby tail like crazy when he got to say hello to other dogs. He proudly sported 14.4 lb at the Vet office where they stopped by to pick up his flea medication.


Kip needed to take his flea medicine today so he took it with a 1/4 cup of kibble and the medicine covered in peanut butter. As soon as he got to class 50 minutes later, he spit it out in front of a couple and their dog. They seemed surprised at Kip’s way of saying hello.  Later Kim and Kip had to re-visit the vet to get a replacement for his flea medication.


Kip seemed a little more tolerant during class with other dogs in the room. Perhaps it was because he had a playdate the day before with Melody and was tired. Perhaps it was because he was hungry because he was only given half of the usual amount he eats for breakfast in the morning. Whatever the reason, when Kip got home he crawled in bed and slept, and slept and slept. And all along, Mr. Foxy slept with him.





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