4 In Dog

Downward Dog and Downward Wolf

Does your New Year resolution include exercise?  I know it’s on the top of the list for both me and Kip!



Every morning, Kip likes to sleep in while I wake up and bustle around.  After a while he climbs out of bed and does his morning stretches! First he does the downward dog, and then he likes to lean forward and stretch out his hind legs.



I thought it was funny that I caught him stretching out on my yoga mat. How cute is that?



While I was looking back at my 2011 photos, I discovered a picture I had taken at the zoo.  I saw this wolf stretching downward dog!

From time to time, Kip likes to hunch up his back like a cat when he does his stretches. Is that just Kip or do other dogs stretch like that too?


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  • Oops,I seemed to have missed this post! That is too perfect how he’s doing his stretches on the yoga mat, haha! I think all dogs stretch like this, when they get up from sleeping, all mine have. After seeing the wolf in the zoo though, I’m convinced it must be something they all do since wolves are their ancestors.

    • Kim

      It was such a Kodak moment! I wished I had gotten maybe a better angle or better lighting but it was one of those times where I had to rip off the lens cap and get the shot.

  • I have three dogs here who do those same stretches every morning! :-) I think yoga come more naturally to them than it does to me! They make it look effortless

    • Kim

      Oh I wish yoga would come more naturally to us humans! Strange how “un-natural” things such as junk food and electronics come more “naturally” for us!