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Too Cool For School – Lip & Eye Makeup Remover Review


Have you ever tried a new mascara or eyeliner only to find that it had smudged under your eye? I seem to have that problem from time to time, and it’s always been a bit of a bother to deal with. I don’t really want to rub it off with my hands when I’m outside because I’ve seen enough people not bother to wash their hands after using the restroom or touching money. Besides, there’s no point in spending any money on eye creams if you’re going to be rubbing your delicate eyes! So I was excited to find this whimsical case of magic wands when I was browsing around the Too Cool For School studio in the Myung-dong area of Seoul.


Each case will house 20 wands, or cotton swabs. The hollow sticks contain makeup remover that has a slight pink tint. There’s a clear sheet of plastic between the top and bottom layer of cotton swabs which I thought was a brilliant idea as it keeps the bottom swabs clean and makes it easy to pick up the top layer of swabs.  The case is small and light so you can just throw it in your bag and be ready to go. No more cotton swabs picking up dust in the bottom of your makeup bag.


Basically, one end of the cotton swab acts as a lid. Give it a twist and a tug and you should hear it click and come off. Once the lid is off the makeup remover quickly seeps down to the bottom end of the cotton swab. Then you can put the lid back on and use the wet swab to remove any smudges and use the dry swab to clean it all up. I was happy to find the makeup remover solution to be gentle as I hate things that irritate my eyes.


The only concern I had when I was using this to retouch my makeup this past weekend, was that top layer of swabs are sitting precariously close to the surface of the case. This means that if I’m not careful when opening the case or if someone bumps into me, the top layer of cotton swabs might fall out of the case. The last thing I want to be picking up cotton swabs from a dirty wet floor, so I decided to do a little bit of d.i.y. I took the paper cover from their blotting paper case and cut it up to make a belt around the cotton swabs. It wraps around the swabs and creates a flap over the top. It just adds a little more security so that I don’t have to worry about them falling out.

Overall I thought this was a brilliant addition to my makeup bag and will definitely be repurchasing when I run out. Since it’s not pink and has drawings of dinosaurs, I think it would make for a nifty gift for guys who like to travel as well. All you have to do is take out the magic wands and fill the case with regular cotton swabs.

Your turn ♥ What nifty tools do you have inside your makeup bag? What do you think about the dinosaur design?

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  • Kia / house of KTS

    I love how you solved your own problem by using paper cover. Genius. I know I’ve never heard of this product and it really does seem nifty to use. Thanks for posting about this.

    Kia / KTS

    • Kim

      My friend had an “eraser pencil” that was sort of like a white chubby stick. Only it sort of just made the black smudges a bit grey. I think this works a lot better since it removes the smudges altogether and you don’t have to rub it hard against the lower eyelid! I believe they have these at Sephora, but at a higher price than in Korea. I’m starting to wonder how well a cotton swab wet with water would work compared to one with the makeup remover. It might be worth getting a case and saving the magic wands for stubborn emergencies and carrying some regular cotton swabs inside with it!

  • This product sounds amazing…and I’m loving the cute packaging too! :)


    • Kim

      I always love when things are simple yet efficient! Too Cool For School probably has some of the cutest packaging out of all the K-beauty brands. They have non-dinosaur prints too, but this particular one only comes in the dino print hehe

  • Anna

    Oh that’s super practical and convenient! And the packaging is so cute which is a huge bonus hehe :)

    Anna xx


    • Kim

      It came in pretty handy for retouching makeup. I really love the packaging by Too Cool For Cool because it’s so whimsical :D

  • This sounds like such a great product! It saves you taking all your makeup off when you do the slightest thing wrong too :)

    Rachel xx

    • Kim

      Yes it makes it a cinch to fix winged eyeliner ;)
      The fluid drops down into the bottom swab in a split second so it’ll be great for when you’re in a rush too!

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  • I knew they have an eraser pencil, but not this one. Did you also get the Eraser Pencil as well?
    Wonder would there be too much or not enough makeup remover for the swab?

    x Tiff

    • Kim

      I actually haven’t tried the eraser pencil from Too Cool For School, as I liked this cotton swab idea more :P
      There is enough makeup remover to soak the entire bottom swab, so if you want to check if that would be enough for you before hand, you could try soaking one end of a cotton swab and seeing if that is enough to remove what you want. I found that there is more than enough to take care of smudges underneath the eye :D