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2017 August Favorites

Life is so much more enjoyable with good food and good company. I practically ate my way through August and nearly filled my entire favorites post with nothing but food. I may actually sneak in some extra suggestions in case anyone wants recommendations for places to eat in Seoul.

#1. Yeon-nam-dong – If you ever decide to head over to Hongdae while you visit Seoul, you might want to check out Yeon-nam-dong as it’s right next door. Ever since a slew of chain stores started filling up the mainstreets of Hongdae, I’ve much preferred to meet my friends at Yeon-nam-dong instead. There are some amazing restaurants like Tuk Tuk Noodle Thai, and trendy cafes like 17° that have specialties like chocolate served at “the optimum temperature.” There’s also a park known as Yeon-tral Park (their own version of Central Park) that stretches through the center of mainstreet, so it’s lovely to walk or hang out there after having a bite to eat.

#2. Mini stationary – Cute, functional, and light weight. What more could I ask for? The small razor I bought a while ago and have found it useful pretty much all the time. My friend @juheehee.k recommended the mini white out to me, and I found the double sided tape next to it at the store. Now I have a custom mini stationary set that is light enough to carry around anywhere! Perfect for back to school!

#3. Phone & phone case – After years of struggling with a 16gb phone, I finally pulled the trigger and got a new iPhone. I know a new one will be out in a month or so, but I just desperately wanted more space on my phone. The only thing that could make me regret not waiting is if they announce their new iPhone with a headphone jack.

#4. Pâtisserie Mont St. Clair – This beautiful dessert cafe had beautiful decor and beautiful cakes, but the cakes themselves were woefully small. I tried the C’est la Vie which had white chocolate, milky cream, and berries that tasted absolutely amazing. Despite it’s size the inside of the cake was layered with berry flavored cake and pistachio cake, so I was thoroughly impressed when it turned out to be more than just a simple block of cake. I would totally be up for learning baking if I could make cakes like this! My friend tried The ‘vert chocolat which was a lovely mix of chocolate and green tea mousse. The best of both worlds don’t you think?

#5. Japanese Spaghetti – This fantastic place has evaded me all these years of running around Gangnam, but I am happy to say that it’s now on my list of favorites. Yomenya Goemon is only a few steps away out of Gangnam station exit 9, and features incredible dishes such as the Mentaiko Shrimp and the Mozzarella Eggplant Meat Sauce. Sometimes pasta can feel a little too heavy, but this place managed to make it light without losing any flavor!

#6. EJ Cafe –  The dessert was lovely at the EJ cafe in Gangnam, but what really won my heart was this chair. It doesn’t look like it would be comfortable really, but when I sunk into the chair it was actually really comfortable. Now I just really want to know where that chair is from so that I can buy one for myself! I keep wanting to go back to this cafe, just so that I can spend some time in that special nook with that special chair.

Your Turn ♥ Do you have any special places where you can just go and relax? What’s your favorite kind of dessert?

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