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2017 September Favorites

When you’re in the middle of a chaotic whirlpool, it’s easy to forget the small moments full of warmth and happiness. Looking back at September, it wasn’t all work and exhaustion. It wasn’t just a crazy schedule. It wasn’t… all that bad. In fact, looking back at the photos, it seems to be pretty good! This is what I love about writing favorites for each month. It reminds me of all the small things that remind me that life isn’t just hardships and struggles. It’s also quite wonderful.

#1. Lotte World – When I grow up and have kids, I hope I’ll remember to send them to an amusement park once a year. Roller coasters are a wonderful thing, but now that I’m getting old and starting to have neck and back problems I’m beginning to regret not having gone more as a kid! If you’re reading this and haven’t hit your 30s yet, go get yourself to an amusement park darling! Lotte World roller coasters aren’t as hardcore as Everland, but Lotte World has the advantage of being in Seoul where as Everland is a day trip away. Lotte World also has some plenty of picturesque spots within the park, so if you’re looking for some fun and photos Lotte World will definitely hit that spot.

#2. Emack & Bolio’s Ice Cream – Trying Emack & Bolio’s ice cream was a once in a lifetime experience for me, because I fear if I have anymore of their ice cream I’ll turn diabetic. The ice cream was pretty good and the aesthetic was literally eye candy, but the whole thing had so much sugar packed in it that I felt a bit sick when I passed the halfway mark. That being said, I loved the experience of walking into their store with all its whimsical decorations and rows of sugar cones decked out with cereal and sprinkles.

#3. Trip Down Memory Lane – I spent seven years of my childhood living in an area called Bi-jun-dong (neighborhood-in-front-of-the-memorial-stone). On the way home from elementary school, middle school, and high school I would pass through this arch to enter into our apartment complex. In the spring the arch would be covered in flowers, and in the fall it was surrounded by autumn leaves. On the rare snow day, it would be lightly dusted with snow. My friend got married this September at a church right behind this apartment complex, so I got a chance to visit my old neighborhood and take a trip down memory lane. There were the benches I had passed by day after day. There was the fountain that I loved as a kid. There was the playground where I had pushed little kids round on the merry-go-round. Oh the nostalgia!

#4. Doran Doran – White washed bricks, geometric lighting structures, plants, a puppy, and a superb menu with prices that are easy on the wallet. I had my first taste of Egg-In-Hell (tomato sauce) at Doran Doran and I was hooked! The only downside for travelers is that its way up in the northeast end of Seoul, behind Korea University. If you have friends there or are planning to take part in the exchange program, you don’t want to miss this place!

#5. Bella’s Garden – Third time’s a charm isn’t it? I came to Bella’s garden for dinner on my birthday and I’m still insanely in love with this place. The food is awesome, but the interior is glorious! Go before sunset for Instagram worthy food pics and stay until evening for the pretty lights and ambience. When you’re ready to leave, Suk-chon Lake is right across the street so take a stroll along the lake for a perfect night.

#6. Mignon – I had the prettiest french toast at a tiny little brunch house called Mignon. Located in front of Korea University, Mignon has a spontaneous menu depending on what the chef feels like cooking that day. The seating is few and cramped, but the food! Oh the food! It makes you wonder why you don’t have pretty plates at home and why you can’t be bothered to make french toast like this. French toast! Who knew french toast could be so delectably delightful?

Your Turn ♥ Celebrate your life with me today! Tell me about your small warm moment from September in the comments below!

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