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Accepted to Animation Mentor

Last April, Mr. Life decided to knock on my door and pay a visit.  He handed me a letter that said

Dear Kim,

Have a pie! You’ve been accepted to Animation Mentor’s Character Animation Program. (Soon your animated characters will be able to have some pie, too!) Your application showed that you’ve got the passion we look for in our animators, and the potential to excel in our Character Animation Program. We’re super excited to have you join our community, and thrilled that we’ll be along for the ride as you pursue your animation dreams.

I had studied Animation and Digital Art during college and was excited to have been accepted to a program that was widely known throughout the industry. While the program in college was intense and covered a lot of material regarding the overall Animation production pipeline, it wasn’t enough for me to break through the industry during this economy. The Animation Mentor program will let me build up my animation skills from the ground up and get on par with industry standards.

Yesterday I officially sealed the deal by paying the tuition for the first quarter.

I also found the Summer Crew 2012 Facebook group and became the 50th member! I’m incredibly happy to be back in a creative community that is full of passion and excitement!

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