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Fantastic Rolls at Sushi Town


The way sushi rolls will melt in your mouth can be pure heaven if you can find a place that doesn’t skimp on the portions! Some places will have more rice than sushi in the roll, but everyone knows that the best places pack a roll with as much sushi and avocado as they can! My friend in Ap-gu-jung introduced me to a wonderful place called Sushi Town and their sushi was pretty impressive. Their fantastic roll was just that; the combination of crab, avocado and a lovely dollop of spicy tuna that had me floored.



I could actually taste the avacado; not a thin layer but actual chunks of avocado. Avocado isn’t commonly available in Korea so this is a big deal! Do you see that thick slab of sashimi? Pure delight is what that is. I’ve not actually gone out looking for the best sushi in town since that tsunami hit Japan (they’re still leaking nuclear waste into the sea), but sometimes I just got to get my hands on some sushi. Now I have a favorite spot to go to when I have a sushi craving!

*Edit 2016.05 – My friend told me the heartbreaking news that Sushi Town closed down. Where will I get my sushi fix now?!

Your turn ♥ What’s your favorite type of sushi? What’s the best sushi place in your area?

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