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Hand Creams: Innisfree vs. L’occitane

silentlyfree-beauty-kbeauty-innisfree-loccitane-hand-cream-1-2 They say that once your hands start to wrinkle, there’s no turning back. So I’ve been giving a little more consideration to my hands these days, especially with the cold winds chapping them up! Today I wanted to share my thoughts on the L’occitane hand cream compared to the Innisfree hand cream. I picked up the L’occitane hand cream last year in April when I was still excited over the cherry blossoms in Korea. I rarely used it during the summer as the monsoon season makes it unbearably humid, but I started using it again towards the end of fall. One day, I was out and about and had forgotten to bring the L’occitane hand cream and picked up a much cheaper one from Innisfree.

silentlyfree-beauty-kbeauty-innisfree-loccitane-hand-cream-2-2The L’occitane is on the left and it has a slightly milkier feeling, whereas the Innisfree is slightly creamier. After having used half of both tube, I must say that I don’t really see the difference between the two. I think it’s safe to say that I won’t re-purchasing the L’occitane as the Innisfree is much more affordable! On second thought, perhaps I won’t repurchase either and find something that lasts even longer. I have tried the Neutrogena hand cream before, but I wasn’t particularly fond of the scent. So the hunt continues!

Your turn ♥ Do you have any hand cream recommendations for me?

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