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Kip’s playmate Melody

Meet Melody! This sweet puppy is half border collie half lab and she will just melt your heart with a big kiss. Kip has been having playdates with Melody for almost two months now and he always has a blast! They are both bursting with energy and love to run around and tackle each other. We can’t figure out how they run for so long without getting exhausted.



Last weekend they had fun wrestling over a bones, doing tricks for treats, and lots of running around.  I forgot to bring my camera but Rawbee let me borrow his to take some quick snaps.  Aren’t they the cutest? Look at those silly tongues! At times like these I really wish I lived in a house with a big fenced yard with more than one dog to run around in. It just feels so right when I see all the dog interaction that you can’t perfectly achieve between a dog and a human. I often wonder what Kip thinks of me. If he could rate me with stars I reckon I would only be a 3 star. If he could talk he’d probably ask me why on earth I sit on a chair and stair at a screen all day when running around is so much more fun.


I feel like my migraine is getting better just from seeing all these happy smiles. Do dog’s get headaches? If not, I want to be a dog. I’ve  had a combination of migraines and cluster headaches (right off to the side of your eyes) these past few days and it drove me to the doctor’s office. On the bright side, I learned what Kip does when he’s home all day. You would think I would know by now since I don’t work on the weekends, but usually I have a lot of errands to run so I hadn’t had a chance to just observe him. Kip likes to take naps but always makes sure to investigate those who are passing by. While I suppose I should be proud of his watch dog abilities, these past few days I have been wishing Kip was mute. Every time someone not-Kip-authorized walked by he would sound the alarm at the top of his lungs and run to the door. Let me tell you, migraines are not watchdog friendly at all.



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