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Life Journal: Taking Inventory


The end of the year is approaching so I thought it would be the perfect time to take an inventory of my life. There’s a few reasons why I want to do this and the main reason is to really dig into my life to see what I want from life over the next few years. Sometimes when you’re set in a routine, it’s easy to just stay there without moving forward. So the idea is to find the parts of my life that are in need of some inspiration and growth, so that I can make the most of the last year of my 20s and start my 30s with a bang!

Some of the questions felt pretty straight forward at first. For example, there was a question on what essentials I couldn’t live without. I started with my iphone, camera, computer, external hard drive, and then took a pause to think. It’s easy to write down things I like or want, but when you have to write a list of essentials you start to really think about whether you really need it or not. Or the question about new hobbies that I want. For a while I thought about new hobbies that I could do but then I asked myself, when’s the last time I started a new hobby? So this month, I’m going to be spending some time thinking about the state of my life and thinking about the new adventures I’ll have in 2016.

Your turn ♥ Tell me something new you want to try in 2016! It can be a new place to explore or a new look you want to try on. Or maybe even a new type of food you want to try!

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