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Seoul – Pancake House


To be honest, I’m more of a waffle person than a pancake person, so pancake houses in general haven’t been high on my agenda. It’s only when I saw their poster with an omelette covered in tomato sauce that I was really intrigued, because I love me a good omelette and anything with tomato sauce is a winner in my book. Then I took a look at their menu and discovered Italian Sausages! I have not had breakfast sausages since leaving the States, because I haven’t been able to find them here. So I was really excited to try those out. Actually, I was a tiny bit scared because sometimes Koreans like to butcher the original by making it too sweet. I mean, the first time I tried Korean pizza back in 1998 or so, I was flabbergasted to find that they had put a can of sweet corn on my pizza. Nowadays it’s not as common to find corn on pizza here (thank God and the universe and everyone who decided to do away with that trend), but sweet potato pizza is still a thing here. It’s not bad, but I don’t tend to crave sweetness when find myself wanting some pizza. Getting back to the pancake house though, I must say that it was a winner!




I don’t know how I didn’t think of pairing omelettes with tomato sauce, but it’s ingenious really. Now I’m really curious as to how Omurice (omelette over fried rice) would go with tomato sauce. Omurice is usually served with ketchup, but tomato sauce is so much better than ketchup. I think I’ll have to give it a try next time. The Italian sausages tasted just the way I wanted them to. Savory, salty, and heartily filling. I think I would go back just for the sausages! Not that they were any more special than the usual sort of breakfast sausages, but just the fact that they’re hard to find here.


I always find it amusing when I see signs in Korea that claim they have 60 years of tradition, even if they are talking about a tradition that started elsewhere (like in the US or Europe). Because 60 years ago, Korea was suffering from the aftermath of two wars and pancakes were not part of the picture. It’s also a bit ironic eating in pancake house located in Korea with a sign saying “Tradition Is Delicious” because pancakes aren’t part of the Korean tradition at all. Of course, while I was eating the omelette and pancakes I wasn’t thinking about this sign at all. I was practically in raptures about the Italian breakfast sausage and tomato sauce just makes an omelette so much better, wouldn’t you agree? But as I’m sat here looking back at this picture, it’s really amusing thinking about just how mixed my identity is. I embrace both my American and Korean heritage, and they are both such an essential part of me, and it’s really frustrating sometimes when people try to insist that I’m one or the other. Especially since they’re blended up inside of me so thoroughly that I can’t even begin to imagine what I would be without either. In any case, there are days when all of the frustration of being mixed is entirely worth it, because I get to enjoy the best of both worlds. One of those bests being omelettes covered in tomato sauce and breakfast sausage.



Oh, did I mention the cheese? There was a wonderfully unhealthy amount of cheese in the omelette too. Beautiful really.

Your Turn ♥ What is your favorite type of breakfast food?

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