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Spring Blush Addition: Nars Impassioned


When spring hits, all I want to do is shed the layers and pull out the pastels. I usually love the color Sex Appeal out of all the colors in my NARS blush collection during the spring. It’s a light peachy color that can go on as a light wash of color or built up more to show the color. I also have Gaiety which is a bubblegum pink, but I found it to be a bit intense for days when I just want a soft feminine look. So naturally when I saw the dusky rose-pink at the NARS counter the other day, it was the perfect thing to fill the gap in my blush collection.


One of the reasons I instantly adored this shade called Impassioned is that it’s a matte color. This means I can wear it matte or add shimmer with a highlighter such as Miss Liberty. I also love that the color has a very soft feeling to it. Do you ever wake up in the morning and just want to enjoy some gentle music rather than running around super energized in turbo mode? That’s the kind of morning that I’ll reach for Impassioned; when I’m in the mood for feather grey sweaters and some herbal tea.


From left to right are swatches for Impassioned, Sex Appeal, and Gaiety. As you can see, Impassioned is a softer pink whereas Gaiety is a bright bubblegum pink. I would say Impassioned is the pink version of Sex Appeal as they both have that very light pastel tone to them. If you love Sex Appeal by NARS, you’ll definitely love Impassioned. I first saw it at the counter last month but it was completely sold out in Korea at the time. It wasn’t until their second shipment arrived that I managed to get my hands on this beauty. I actually didn’t even expect them to have it in stock when I walked into the store this past week, so I was thrilled when the make-up artist told me they had one last box of Impassioned in stock!

This is now officially my favorite NARS blush out of all the colors I have. It’s just a gorgeous staple natural soft pink that can’t go wrong. If I suddenly lost my makeup collection for whatever reason and had to start from scratch, this would be the blush I would start with.

Your Turn ♥ What’s your favorite blush this spring?

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