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Travel Tip: Accessories Simplified


Jewelry trees and plates are lovely for your vanity, but what’s a girl to do while on the road? Here are 3 simple packing tips that I’ve found beautifully useful for traveling!

  • Use a pill case for accessories: A small transparent pill case will keep your necklaces from getting tangled and make it easy to grab your accessory of choice in a snap!
  • Color Enhancing Lip Balm: The secret to an effortless look is an enhancing lip balm! Since it’s not a lipstick or a lip gloss there’s little fuss and very low maintenance. It will keep your lips moisturized while enhancing their color. I prefer it to regular chapstick as it gives you a lively look that can be a life saver after a 10 hr flight!
  • Perfume Samples: Sometimes they’re handed out at the department store, sometimes they’re found in magazines, and sometimes they come with an actual purchase. Since perfume lasts ages as long as it’s kept out of the sun, save your perfume samples for when you travel and leave the heavy bottle at home!


Your turn ♥ What packing tricks do you have up your sleeve?

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