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Venice: How To Take the Water Bus


Venice is one city that’s hard to understand without looking at a map, but once you do it’s fairly easy to figure things out thanks to the Grand Canal that flows through the center! Adventures in Venice start at the Venezia Santa Lucia Train Station that is located in the northwest corner of the Grand Canal.



The first thing you’ll see exiting from the station is the San Simeone Piccolo church across the grand canal. This makes for spectacular view as soon as you set foot in Venice, because you see both water and lovely architecture at the same time.


The water bus stations are on the side of the water and are brightly marked with yellow outlines.


Reading the bus route wasn’t that hard either. There was a black square that said You are here! and an arrow pointing towards the direction the bus was headed. All very straight forward.


The water bus look like this and as you can see the end of the ferry has an open area which is perfect for watching the view. I loved feeling the wind against my face as I watched the colorful buildings on the sides of the canal.



The Rialto stop is right after you pass under the Rialto bridge so you can’t miss it! It’s a beautiful white bridge that you must see while you’re in Venice!

Your turn ♥ What do you want to see or experience most in Venice?

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