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5 Things To Do in Switzerland


Unlike all the other places I traveled to in Europe, I had little plans for Switzerland other than to go up to Jungfrau. Turns out everything worked out except just that, ha! Here are some of my recommendations for things to do while in Switzerland.

#1. Embrace The Healing Experience – Once you step foot in Switzerland you’ll wonder why you’re even living in the city. All the fresh air filling your lungs will make you want to burst out that the hills are alive with the sound of music. Photos can never replace the experience of being up in the mountains. So feast your eyes and soul on all the nature around you. It’ll purge all that drab grey city from within  you.



#2. Try Fondue & Chocolate – There are two foods you must try in Switzerland and they are fondue and chocolate. I tried the basic fondue which is dipping bread into the fondue, but I found myself wishing I had opted for the variety where you can also dip veggies and mushrooms. The chocolate was amazing, but it tasted best while up in the mountains. So don’t hoard it for later and munch on it while you’re there!


#3. Hike Or Grab Front Row Seats In A Funicular – I opted to go up Harder Kulm in a funicular as I had spent an entire week walking about London and Paris by the time I got to Switzerland, and it was one of the most memorable experiences I had in Switzerland. This had something to do with the fact that I have a fear of heights, and also with the fact that the contraption was climbing up a steep hill connected only by the rails. You also get a great view looking down towards Interlaken surrounded by the mountains!



#4. Bring Back A Souvenir – One of the picture books I loved as a kid was Barry: The Bravest Saint Bernard. So this cute wooden figure of the Swiss mountain dog made the perfect souvenir to get while I was there. I sort of wish I had picked up one of the cows I had seen no end of them while I was there, but as with all things in Switzerland they were a bit pricy!

#5. Take A Short Video Clip – Personally I prefer editing photos to videos any day, but sometimes there are things that are better captured through videos. I only took two short video clips while I was there and wish I had taken more. Try taking videos of waterfalls, rivers, cows, and maybe even a video of what you’re feeling while you’re up in the mountains. They’re great to go through when you’re back home and wondering if you’d really gone to that magical place not so long ago.

These were my recommendations for things to do in Switzerland, but it had been foggy and rainy while I was there. If the weather had been better I would have definitely hopped on a ferry on one of the lakes in Interlaken (maybe even both) as I’ve heard that the views are stunning. Dog sledding is still on my bucket list along with all the other sports you can enjoy in Switzerland.

Your turn ♥ What’s on your wishlist for Switzerland?

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